Case Study – skyscraper B21, Czech Republic

Integrated Security Solution guarding the skyscraper B21, Zlin, CZ

B21 Zlin Dominus3



Baťa’s Skyscraper, also known as Building No. 21 is a skyscraper in Zlín, Czech Republic. It is 77.5 metres high and has sixteen floors. It was the administration building of the shoemaking factory Bata Shoes. Now it is headquarters of the Zlín Region. This building was one of the first high-rise buildings in Europe.

The purpose of building modernization was to have integrated security system with remote management capability with sufficient capacity for future expansion. Other requirements include lifts control and restrict access to the building by authorized people via turnstiles. Whole system have to be controlled by graphical visualization software in real time to solve effectively all situations.




B21 turnstile control D3D3 box



Integrated security and access solution
Scalability of the entire system
Modern design of features
Easy control and management
Openness and integrability
Easy installation and automatic configuration




Integrated Security Solution Dominus3 is system that combines intrusion detection with access control while offering numerous integration possibilites.

This project required the connection of the new control panel with the existing system to behave as one system. All technologies such as CCTV, fire alarm system, security and access control system have been connected to the visualization software SBI. Thanks to the openness of Dominus3, it was possible to connect existing access readers from Rosslare’s using the Wiegand interface, so the user did not have to change the thousands of existing access cards.



B21 Dominus3 scheme



End-user has gained an easily expandable and user-friendly access control and intrusion system with easy control from visualization sofware. Operators can remotely control all doors, barries or turnstiles in this administrative building. Also HR can easily manage all access rights and get extensive access and security reports. Moreover they gained luxury looking keypads which are situated on visible places and are very easy to use it because ergonomic.




B21 statistics



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